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Political Science
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Political Science 2231E
Nigmendra Narain

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International Relations 2231E Exam Study NotesPower and WarLecture Power and WarRealismState securitys principal concernMinority of scholars subscribe to this beliefRemains as a starting point for international politicsStates concernphysical survivaloNot be conqueredoDownplay economic growthStates have to defend themselves become powerfulMilitary power is the mot important and the main source of securityCentrality of the use of force ensures survival of the stateBalance of poweroOne country has more power one country challengesoPolitical outcome that realists predictOpposite bandwaggoningjoining a strong countryRealism was popular in the pastIf you want peace prepare for warRealist theory strong countries win wars this is not the caseGuns and ButterMilitary spending increasing163 trillion in 2011oIncreased by 53 since 2000US accounts for 614 billiono41 of the global totalOpportunity costsWeapons of Mass DestructionNuclear weaponsoNuclear winter requires nukes on a submarineDeterrence safeguard against warMutually assured destructionChemical and biological weaponsNon lethal weapons revolution in military technology oAttack a country before they attack youRealism vs Reality1Strong countries often lose warsoFrance lost to Vietnam which is why US stepped in and they also lostoFinland won against Soviet Union2Military victory often fails to achieve political goals3Consequences of war on the aggressoroUse of force tends to hurt the national interestUse of ForceMilitary StrategiesAggressionSelf defense coercive diplomacyPreemptive war encounter threats before emergenceComplianceDeterrencePreventative 1953 Operation AjaxCritical to US and Iran relationshipIran was once a democracy America tore it apartIran wanted independence and control over own resourcesoMossaddegh democratic didnt want Englands company to own all of Irans oiloIranian parliament nationalized AngloIranian oil companyoEngland wanted to overthrow the democracy to get their oil back and told the US that Iran was a communist stateoShah dictator was reinstated by US1979 Iranian RevolutionoRetaliation by population against US by having revolutionoAmerican hostages in IranRefer to Argo movieIran Iraq War 19801988Tehran protest 2009 wanted democracy Film The Truth About the Iraq WarLeaders will use the worse case assessments that point to nuclear weapons to generate political supportNever was evidence that Iran had capabilities or intention of nuclear weaponsNot real intelligenceoSelective use of information to make the US case for warData mining old information to make new decisionsoDistorted evidenceoAdministration was not honestSaddam Husseins son in law said that the nuclear weapons program was destroyedReason behind the war US is a hegemonoAnyone who defies American powerenemyIraq never have capabilities of creating a mushroom cloudWar had no connection to terrorismoSaddam is not Al QaedaoIraq is not Al Qaedaterrorists
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