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Political Science
Political Science 2231E
Charles Jones

First Question in no more then 4 sentences define and explain the significance of the following set of termsPractice giving definitionsshould tell the reader what it meansexplain the significance for Political Science what is important about it major point of debatewhat are the controversies major impact on political science and what those are etc International Security A subfield of international relations that focuses on the questions of war and peace This is important because its aimed at crafting treaties and alliances the developmentdeployment of militaryRegional conflicts after 90sethnic conflicts International Political EconomyThe study of politics of trade monetary and other economic relations among nations and their connection to other transnational forces Studies NGOs such as WTO and IMF1990s attention to the global North South Rich Poor gap interactions economic dependency debt aid and technology transferInternational environment management Debates on if globalization is a positive or negative for economyStates an inhabited territorial entity controlled by a government that exercises its sovereignty Important because it controlled by a individual government with individual interestsDebate is the state being lost to glob
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