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Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

1Control and CoordinationProblem of Control and Coordinationcontrol problem bureaucratic powercoordination problem oavoiding duplicationoinefficiencyowasteocounterproductive measures2Doerns Classifications of Departmentsrelative power according to size of budgetresponsibility for coordinationknowledge or research capacitythree typesohorizontal policy coordinative central agencies plus Foreign AffairsInternational Trade and JusticeoVertical ConstituencyoHorizontal administrative coordinative3Horizontal Policy CoordinativeCentral agenciesoGet power from legislative authority or from their proximity to poweroFinance DepartmentoTreasury BoardoPrivy Council OfficePCOoPrime Ministers OfficePMOoForeign Affairs and International Trade and Justiceopolitically influential though small in numbers and budget yet strong in responsibility for coordination and researchoSince TrudeauGreater attention to developing new policies addressing new issuesbringing in more rational methodsneed is created both by federalism and by the scope of government4Vertical Constituency direct service providersoften high profilewith large budgets and large constituenciesbut they usually cant intervene in the affairs of other departmentsdue to the large constituencies the central agencies often have difficulty intervening5Horizontal Administrative Coordinativeleast influentialpotentially problematic eg tax collection problems of the National Revenue department purchasing policy of public worksgovernment services
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