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Psychology 2060 Midterm 1 Review

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Western University
Psychology 2060

2060 Review: Exam 1 October 20 , 2011 Criteria – usually evaluating job performance Ex. Production  # widgets per day Sales  $ sales in a month Absenteeism  days absent Accidents  # reported injuries ^ Conceptual ^ Actual Know operational definitions ^^^ (way to measure concepts like these) *Relevance (how conceptual and actual measures overlap), Deficiency (real measures aren’t always correct i.e. scrap rate for production) Contamination (other factors we don’t want to measure i.e. assembly lines may be faster than others at no fault of the employee)* THERE IS NO PERFECT MEASURE OF CONCEPTUAL CRITERIA Predictors Ex. Cognitive ability tests Personality tests Interview Work samples IMPORTANT TO HAVE RELIABITY (consistency and validity of a test) How to measure: 1. Test retest (tests given on different occasions, is there the same outcome?) 2. Equivalent forms (2 different forms of a test, hard to develop) 3. Internal consistency (do all the items measure the same sort of thing- homogenous?) 4. Inter-rater (between raters – i.e. in interviews) VALIDITY (accuracy of inferences made from a test) Kinds 1. Construct (does a test accurately measure what it’s supposed to) a. Compare scores on different tests of the same
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