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Midterm 2

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Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Sexual ResponseSexual Behavior 121210 1005 PM Models of Human Sexual Response MastersJohnson 1966 Male Sexual Response Cycledesireexcitementplateauorgasmresolutiondesire is first stage of sexual response cycle Kaplanmale sexual desire may be more frequent and intense than female sexual desiresexual desire varies within men and within women and over the life courseoverlapexcitement phase involves build up of vasocongestion and myotonia muscle contraction as well as positive or negative cognitive and affective appraisal or arousal experiencevasocongestion an accumulation of blood in the blood vessels of a region of the body especially the genitals a swelling or erection resultserectioncorpra cavernosa and corpus spongiosum fill with blood smooth muscles relax nitric oxidePDE5 inhibitors act on nitric oxide synthesis affect erectile response to stimulation not spontaneous not aphrodisiacPartial elevation of testesplateau phase involves maintenance of high levels of physiological arousal and additional changestestes increase in size and elevateprostate enlargesglans penis colorspreejaculatory emission from Cowpers glandorgasm and ejaculation separate phenomena generally followspike in pulse BP breathing muscle contractions grimace carpopedal spasm pelvic musculature spasm at 08 second intervalsfirst stage ejaculatory inevitability vas deferens prostate seminal vesicles contract forcing ejaculate into urethral bulbmuscular contractions force semen to ejaculatesubjective feelings of pleasure release absorbed focus in sensationabsolute and relative refractory periods will followresolution period will follow physiological return to baselineFemale Sexual Response Cycledesireexcitementplateauorgasmresolutionsexual desire is the first and fundamental stage of the human sexual response cycledesire may be expressed as initiative or receptive autosexual or partnered activitysome changes across menstrual cycleexcitement phase involves a build up of vasocongestion and myotonia as well as positive or negative cognitive and affective appraisal of arousal experiencevaginal lubrication exudationorgasmic platform swelling of introitusclitoris engorges corpra and increases in sensitivity and recedes surrounding tissues swellballooning of inner part of vaginabreasts swell nipples erectsex flush plateau phase involves maintenance of relatively high levels of physiological arousalorgasmic platform a tightening of the entrance to the vagina caused by contractions of the bulbiospongus muscle which covers the vestibular bulborgasms may followspike in pulse BP breathing muscle contractions grimace carpopedal spasm pelvic musculature spasm et 08 second intervalssubjective feelings of pleasure release absorbed focus in sensationresolution period may follow physiologic return to baselinemultiple orgasms may followsingle or multiple orgasms more common with direct clitoral stimulation in intercourse or masturbationresolution slower without orgasmThe Science of Faking It How Men and Women Pretend to Have an Orgasmbodily actingmovedthrusted faster or harderbreathed fasterharderclenched muscles held breathfacial indicationsclutched partnersqueezed genital musclesshook bodyarched backvocal actingmoanedscreamedmoaned loudersaid orgasmingother exclamationsThe Science of Faking It Why Men and Women Pretend to Have an Orgasmorgasm unlikelyintoxicatedtaking too longpartner unattractivepartner unskilledorgasm unlikelywanted sex to endtirednot in moodboredpainregretted choice of partnerpartner doesnt stop until I orgasmpartners orgasm is imminentto avoid negative consequenceshurt partners feelingsmake partner upsetawkward situationhaving to discussseem abnormalachieve positive consequences
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