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Sexuality and the Life Cycle: Childhood and Adolescence Ch 10.docx

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Psychology 2075
Corey Isaacs

Sexuality and the Life Cycle 1/30/2013 10:35:00 AM Chapter 10 Infancy: 0-2 Years  Before 1890, it was thought that sexuality was something that magically appeared at puberty  Sigmund Freud – discovered that infants have sexual urges and engage in sexual activities  Male infants get erections and vaginal lubricants have been found in females  Self-stimulation – infants can be found to be absentmindedly engaging in pleasurable self-stimulation  Infant-infant sexual intercourse – infants may hug, pat, stroke or gaze at each other, behaviours that are part of erotic intimacy later in life  Non-genital sexual experiences – sensuous experiences can include being cuddled or rocked  Attachment – a psychological bond that forms between an infant and the mother, father or caregiver  Knowing about boy-girl differences – by age 2 or 3, children know what gender they are (the first step in gender identity) Early Childhood: 3-7 Years  Marked increase in sexual interest and activity  Masturbation – a large percentage of young boys and girls have touched their genitals with their hands at this age o Children learn in this stage that masturbation is something one does in private  Mixed sex behaviour – by 4 or 5, a child’s sexuality has become more social o Boys and girls may hug or hold hands o Seeing the opposite sex’s genitals  Same se behaviour o A normal part of sexual development Preadolescence: 8-12 Years  Latency – how Freud described the stage of moving into puberty  Around 9 or 10, the first bodily changes of puberty take place – formation of breasts and pubic hair  10 was the average age of first sexual attraction to someone  Masturbation o Boys generally start masturbating earlier than girls o Girls more frequently learn about masturbation through accidental self-discovery  Mixed sex behaviour o Generally little sexual behaviour with the other gender during this period because of the social division of genders  Same sex behaviours – a normal part of sexual development o Gender-segregated social organization – a general form of social grouping in which males stick with males, and females with females  Dating and romantic relationships o Around 10 or 11, children start spending time in mixed gender groups o At age 13, boys and girls have said they have a boyfriend or girlfriend – many of these relationships were short lived  Sexualization of children o Occurs when a person is only valued for sex appeal, is sexually objectified or sexuality is inappropriately imposed upon a person Adolescence: 13-19 Years  A surge of sexual interest occurs around puberty and continues through adolescence  Testosterone levels had a very strong relationship to sexual activity for boys and girls (although it was stronger in boys)  Masturbation o According to Kinsey, there is a sharp increase in masturbation in boys between the ages of 13 and 15 o Attitudes towards masturbation  From a book written in 1913 called What a Boy Should Know, masturbation was believed to cause everything from warts to insanity  Today most see masturbation as a normal occurrence  Same sex behaviour o In many cases, a person only has one or two same sex experiences, and such behaviour does not seen to be predictive of adult homosexual orientation o Homosexual youth are more likely to tell their mothers than their fathers of their sexual orientation  Mixed sex behaviour o Heterosexual behaviour gains prominence in this stage a becomes the major sexual outlet o More students at this age had engaged in oral sex than sexual intercourse Sex
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