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Western University
Psychology 2075
Corey Isaacs

Sex for Sale 4/17/2013 6:01:00 PM Chapter 17 Commercial Sex Work  Individuals who work as prostitutes, escorts, erotic dancers, etc.  Commercial sex worker – a person who engages in sexual acts in return for money or drugs and does so in a fairly non-discriminating fashion  The Criminal Code prohibits stopping cars, impeding the flow of traffic or communicating in public for the purposes of engaging in prostitution or obtaining their services (communication offences) o Prostitution itself is not illegal in Canada o Common bawdy house – a place kept, occupied or used by one or more persons to engage in prostitution or indecency (illegal in Canada)  Female sex workers o Venues  The nature of the venue influences the type of sex worker and client found there, the activity that occurs and the associated risks  Call girl – the most expensive and exclusive category of sex workers, makes appointments with workers  Brothel – a house of prostitution where sex workers and customers meet for sexual activity  In-call services – a residence in which sex worker work regular shifts selling services based on an hourly basis  Usually a manager who determines the conditions of work and fees to be charged  Brothels and in-call services are illegal in Canada under the Criminal Code  Massage parlour – a place where massages as well as sexual services can be purchased, advertised as sensual or erotic massages  Out-call service (escorts) – a service that sends a sex worker to a location specified by the client to provide sexual services  Streetwalker – a lower status sex worker who works on the streets selling sexual services o The role of third parties  Pimp – a sex worker’s companion, protector and master  Majority of sex workers in Canada work without a pimp  Madam – a woman who manages a brothel, in-call, out- call or escort services  Sex trafficking – the recruitment and control of persons for sexual exploitation by threat, use of force or deception  Girls and young women are recruited in developing countries with promise for an education and a good job  Recruiters may supply forged travel documents, which they then take away once they arrive and the recruits often become captive o The career of a sex worker  First step is entry  Most women are attracted by the desire for money, others to support a drug addiction  Force or coercion is another factor  After entering, many women go through an apprenticeship to learn the skills of the profession  Hazards associated include physical harm or murder, drug addiction, STIs and arrest by police o Sex workers well-being  The well-being of women ranges from few psychical and psychosocial complaints to anxiety and depression  Sex workers use a variety of strategies to cope with the risks of their work like drugs and alcohol  Having a history of victimization and trauma as children or adolescents before the entered prostitution was associated with poorer well-being  Customers o Sex workers refer to customers as “johns”  About 50% are occasional johns, nearly 50% are repeat clients and the rest are compulsive johns who use sex work for their major sexual outlet o Men use the services of sex workers for a variety of reasons:  Some have long-term partners but want sex more often  Some want certain services their partner doesn’t want to engage in  Some use them to satisfy erotic sexual needs  Some use it as a discreet way to engage in same-sex activity  Male sex workers o Less likely to be charged than female workers o Most serve a male clientele o Sex workers serving a female clientele work in three settings:  Male sex workers virtually never walk the streets  Some work for escort services or massage parlours  Gigolo – a male who provides companionship and sexual gratification on a continuing bases to a women in exchange for money  Often has only one client at a time o Hustlers – male sex workers that cater to men, some of which consider themselves straight  Full-time street and bar hustlers – younger than other sex workers and less likely to experience violence from pimps or customers  Full-time call boys (kept boys) – tend to have more exclusive clientele, be more attractive and sexually versatile  Part-time hustlers – largest group, typically students or individuals employed in another occupation who engage only when they need money, less likely to come from dysfunctional families  Transgendered sex workers o Gene
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