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Lecture 3

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Psychology 2075
Leslie Janes

Human Sexuality- Class 3 Chapter 4 & 5 - Female and Male Sexual Anatomy and Physiology Vulva • External female genital structures o Mons veneris – area over public bone covered in hair. It varies dramatically. Most women who do clean up do it so they look good In bathing suits o Labia: outer lips, outer part covered in hair, inner parts are hairless o Labia majora – outer parts are covered in hair and the inner parts are hairless. Inside the labia majora is found; o Labia minora – in some cultures the minora are found to be attractive. They meet together at the top in order to find; o Clitoris – only reason for it is for sexual pleasure. More nerve endings then even the penis, extremely sensitive. A hood covers it.  Clitoral hood – this protects the clitoris  Female genital mutilation/cutting  Suna – where jus the hood is cut, equivalent to male circumcision. This is basically a female version of circumcision  Clitoridectomy: reduces sexual pleasure, its done to reduce sex as well. Reduces Sexual satisfaction is done to reduce pre marital sex.  Infibulation: this involves not only removing the clitoris, but removing the inner lips and then sealing up the women’s vulva so no penis can get inside. The surgery is often done with glass, its unclean and it causes infections. It’s extremely painful. Prepubescent girls often get the procedure done. When the women do become married they have to reopen the hole to be able to fit a penis into it. More risks of infection are there. Finally when its time to have a baby, they must open it all the way causing the baby and the mom to die most times. o Vestibule:  Vaginal introitus (opening)  Hymen – the hymen was similar in so many cultures. If the didn’t bleed when they had sex people would be ashamed and think they have had premarital sex o Urethral opening – just between the clitoris and the vaginal opening. o Perineum – area between the viginal opening and the anus – cut during episiotymy. If they don’t snip it, then it will just tear and then it will be harder to repair o Vestibular bulbs – inside the vagina and under the skin. Caused from being aroused. Causes the vagina to lengthen and become swollen o Bartholin’s glands – on each s
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