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Psychology 2075
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Chapter Ten Sexuality and the Life CycleChildhood to Adolescencewe use the terms having sex and sexual intercourse synonymouslybut sex is more than intercoursehuman sexual developmenta process influenced biologically psychologically socially and culturallylifespan life cycledevelopment from birth through old ageDATA SOURCESmost data comes from surveys which question adults about their childhood sexual behaviourerrors in memoryalternative is to interview children but this would arouse tremendous opposition ex Kinsey studyno one has made systematic direct observations of childrens sexual behaviourINFANCY 02 YEARSbefore 1890 sexuality was thought to appear at puberty but Freud children have sexual urges toothe capacity of the human to show a sexual response is present at birthfirst intimate with parentsSelf Stimulationinfants are observed fondling their own genitalsengaging in sexual self stimulationthe rhythmic manipulation of the genitals adult masturbation doesnt occur till around 2years oldif permitted they will progress from absent minded fingering to systematic masturbation by 68orgasms from self stimulation are possible even at this age although until puberty boys cant ejaculateInfantInfant Sexual Encountersyoung children are egocentricthus earliest sex is self stimulatedin later infancy there may be some paired encountersperform behaviours of mature erotic intimacy Non Genital Sensual Experiencesmany experiences that infants have are diffuse and not classifiable as some type of activitycuddling can be a positive experience that might influence their reaction to cuddling in later lifeAttachmenta psychological bond that forms between an infant and the caregiverquality of the relationship can be important for the childs future sexualemotional relationshipsthe bond forms immediately following birth and continues through infancy
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