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Psychology 2075
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Chapter 7 Contraception and AbortionPierre Elliot Trudue made the contraception legal Prior to 1969 anyone could be jailed for 2 years for advertisement of contraception in any format1969 decriminalization also allowed abortion under strict circumstancesVariety of reasons to use contraceptionoSpacing of babies in familiesoWant to limit the size of the familyoSingle persons wish to avoid pregnancyoWomen feel it is essential to be able to control when and whether to have childrenSociety encourages contraception because of an extremely high rate of adolescent pregnancies in Canada On a global level it is encouraged because of overpopulation Limit the size of the world populationL02 Hormonal MethodsHighly effective The Combination PillContain combination of estrogen and progestinSeasonale method works by having period only once in three monthsContinuous or extended pill use is as effective as the traditional pill and results in fewer menstrual daysPreferred method is quickstart take the pill first day of prescriptionHow it worksBy preventing ovulationHigh level of estrogen inhibits FSH production and message to ovulate is never sent out Also inhibits LH productionProgestin keeps the cervical mucus very thick making it difficult for sperm to get through changed the lining of the uterus in such a way that even if a fertilized egg were to arrive implantation would be unlikelyL03 EffectivenessEffectiveness 100 minus the failure rate2 kinds of failure rate the failure rate for perfect users and the failure rate for typical users If you are responsible anticipate close to perfect rating for yourselfPerfectuse failure rate is 03 and typicaluse is 8If a woman forgets to take a pill she should take it as soon as she remember and take the next one at regular time this does not appear to increase the pregnancy risk appreciably Same thing should happen if forgotten for 3 or more take one asap and then one every day and use condom till 7 day consistencySide EffectsMany of the reports are scare stories with little or no evidence behind them Blood clotting Pill users have a higher chance of blood clotting Particularly women over 35 who smokeoSymptoms of bc sever headaches leg or chest pains and shortness of breathFor some it can cause high blood pressure yet there is no evidence to suggest infertility or difficulty conceiving after the woman goes off the pillPill actually protects from endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer may aggravate already existing cancers such as bcancer risk of benign liver tumours increaseIncreases the amount of vaginal discharge and susceptibility to vaginitis Have increased susceptibility to chlamydia and gonorrheaWeight gain Some psychological effectso20 increase irritability and depression becomes worse with length of usage Changes in sexual desire increase or decrease Advantages and DisadvantagesAdvantages oClose to 100 effective if used properlyoDoesnt interfere with sexoNot messy
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