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Western University
Psychology 2075

Textbook notes Chapter 9The sexual response cycleSex reasearchers Masters and jonhson provided one of the first models of the physiology of sexual response Sexual response progresses in three stages excitement orgasm and resolution Two basic physiological processes occur during these stages vasocongestion occurs when a great deal of blood flows into the blood vessels in a region genital as a result of dilatation of the blood vessels in that region and Mytonia occurs when muscles contractExcitementMen The physiological process that occurs is vasocongestion that will produce erection which result when the corpora cavernosa and the copus spongiosum fill with blood For an erection to occur the arteries that supply the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum dilate vasodilatation allowing blood flow into the corpora and the veins that carry the blood away from the penis are compressed at the same time Multiple neurotransmitter are involved in this process including nitric oxide NO In fact Viagra act on the NO systemPlateau As the men gets closer to orgasm a few drops of fluid secreted by the Cowpers gland appear at the tip of the penis Also the skin of the scrotum thickens the scrotal sac tenses and the scrotum is pulled up and closer to the bodyWomen Excitement Lubrication of the vagina occurs as a result of vasocongestion The vaginal lubrication results when fluids seep through the semipermeable membrane of the vagina walls producing lubrication as a result of vasocongestion surrounding the tissues surrounding the vagina As the women become more aroused and gets closer to the orgasm the orgasmic platform form During the excitement phase the glans of the clitoris swells as a result of engorgement of its corpora cavernosa The vestibular bulbs and the crura of the clitoris lying deeper in the body also swell Also the nipples are erect as a result of myotonia and the inner lips swell and open up Later excitement The orgasmic platform is a tightening of the entrance of the vagina caused by contraction of the bulbospongiosus muscle The size of the vagina becomes smaller and there is increase in the gripping of the penis The clitoris draws up into the body The breasts swell and enlarge The upper twothirds of the vagina expands dramatically in what is often called aballooning response that helps accommodate penetration As a part of ballooning the cervix and uterus also pull up Vasocongestion in women occurs when there is relaxation of the arteries supplying the glans and crura of the clitoris and the vestibular bulbs No is involved in the process and estrogen helps tooBoth men and women A sex flush that looks like a measles rash rougeole may appear on the skin There is also an increase in pulse rate and blood pressure Vasocongestion may take place more slowly as a result of number factors such as age alcohol and fatigueOrgasmMen consist of a series of rhythmic contractions of the pelvic organs at 08second intervals
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