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Sex Psych 1st Semster Mid Term Notes.docx

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Western University
Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Sex Psych Mid Term Notes Chapter 1 Sexuality in PerspectiveWhy study sex o Were curious because its taboo in exchanging info about it o Important force in our lives o Sexual functionSex and Gender o SexRefers to sexual anatomy and sexual behaviour o GenderThe state of a male or female o Sexual BehaviourBehaviour that produces arousal and increase chance of orgasmTerm sex is disputed 23 of people refer to oral sex as also part of sexPills and condoms dispute the definition of sex as a reproductive only thing History of Understanding Sexuality Religion and ScienceReligion o Source of values and ethics concerning sexuality and powerful influence o Until 100 years ago was the main source of sexual infoEx Greeks and humans as 3 types of double creature myths who split explaining gay lesbian and heterosexuals trying to find missing half th 15 century Christians wet dream and incubi and succibiLust wet dreams dysfunction was seen as witchcraftMuslims viewed sex as source of pleasure first then reproduction secondScienceChapter 2 Theoretical Perspectives on Sexuality Evolutionary Perspectives SociobiologyThe application of evolutionary biology to understand the social behaviour of animals and humansEvolution o A theory that all living things have acquired their present forms through gradual changes in their genetic endowment over successive generations o Occurs via the process of natural selection resulting in greater rates of survival of those plants and animals that are adapted to their environmentHow do human choose mates o Physical attractivenessCharacteristics such as physique and complexion are indications of health and vigourTranslates to healthier offspring and natural selection would want thatEx Large breastFrom this view point dating engagement etc are seen as courtship ritualsAre meant to assess fitness ex Money spent on dates determines cash dancing determines athleticism o Nuclear Family man women offspringWould be sociobiologically correct as having a women reduces infant vulnerability where as father protects from attackDetermined by pairbond between father and mother and attachment between parent as childMore is betterParents are most interested in the reproductive success of offspringParental investment refers to behaviours resources to achieve thisDivorce father spend an equal amount with their step children as old genetic children o Sexual Selection Darwinselection that results from differences in traits affecting access to matesCompetition among members for mating access to members of other genderPreferential choice by members of one gender for certain members of other genderCriticism includes a old version of evolutionary theory assume that reproduction is the main function of sex recent evidence suggests other wise o Miss America waste size is 067 not ideal for reproduction Evolutionary Psychology
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