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Midterm 1

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Western University
Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Chapter 1IntroductionHistory 121020 103 AMgender state of being male or femalesexual behavior behavior that produces arousal and increases the chance of orgasmthe social comparative motiveright and obligation to study the science of sex o because people want to knowall humans have a strong drive to compare their attributes achievements with others o compare the normality and sufficiency of what we dowhy do we care o Survival valueReligion and Sex religion is a source of values and ethics regarding sexuality and is a powerful influence on the sexual attitudes and behavior of many individualsancient Greeks openly acknowledged heterosexuality and homosexuality o explained the existence of the two in a myth in which original humans were double creatures with twice the normal number of limbs and organs th 15 century Christians believed that wet dreams resulted from intercourse with tiny spiritual creatures o wet dreams sexual dysfunction and sexual lust were seen to be caused by witchcraftMuslims have believed that sexual intercourse is one of the finest pleasures of life o Sexuality is regarded primarily as a source of pleasure and secondarily as a source of reproductioncultivation view that exposure to mass media makes people think that what they see there represents the mainstream of what really occursagendasetting idea that the media define what is important and what is not by which stories they coversocial learning idea that the media provide role models whom we imitateculture traditional ideas and values passed down from generation to generation within a group and transmitted to members of the groups by symbolsethnocentrism tendency to regard ones own ethnic group and culture as superior to others and to believe that its customs and way of life are the standards by which other cultures should be judgedtends to influence peoples understanding of human sexual behaviorSex and Culturethe major generalization that emerges from crosscultural studies is that all societies regulate sexual behavior in some wayno society has seen fit to leave sexuality totally unregulated perhaps fearful that social disruption would resultattitudes toward masturbation vary widely across culturessome societies tolerate and some encourage masturbation during childhood and adolescence whereas others condemn the practice at any agesocieties differ considerably in their rules regarding premarital sexPacific Island African and Eurasian societies are more accepting of premarital sex than Mediterranean societiesextramarital sex is more complex and conflicted for most culturesextramarital sex ranks second only to incest as the most strictly prohibited type of sexual conductthere are a wide range of attitudes toward samesex sexual expression in various culturesin all human societies physical characteristics are important in determining whom one chooses as a sex partnerCanadians tend to be more liberal and accepting of various sexual issues than Americanswhat relevance do crosscultural data have to an understanding of human sexualityThey give us a notion of the enormous variation that exists in human sexual behavior and help us put our own standards and behavior in perspectiveProvide impressive evidence concerning the importance of culture and learning in the shaping of our sexual behaviorsexual health state of physical emotional mental and social wellbeing related to sexualityimportant new concept as well as a social and political movement that is gaining momentum worldwidenot merely the absence of disease dysfunction or infirmityrequires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences free of coercion discrimination and violencesexual rights of all persons must be respected protected and fulfilledsexual rights basic inalienable rights regarding sexuality both positive and negative such as rights to reproductive selfdetermination and sexual selfexpression and freedom from sexual abuse and violenceSylvester GrahamJohn Harvey KelloggKellogg fine and heated food contributes to lustdeveloped corn flakes to stifle lustGraham refined flour leads to uncontrollable lustdeveloped graham cracker from wheat flourAMA were worried about bicycle riding for women because they believe that they could cause sexual arousal and beget or foster the habit of masturbationmedicine was also involved in the therapeuticsexual release of insanityFreudeverything about you stems from unconscious sexual and aggressive urgeswho you are as an adult is a result of the displacement and sublimation of infantile sexualityall behavior is motivated and defensiveFreudian notions have basically no empirical supportMagnus HirschfeldDepathologizing Sex Justice Through Science 18681935German Jewish physician and scientistHomosexuals womens and abortion rights activist
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