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Almost all theories and concepts have been around for a while. Used biological theories and used them on humans. Developed before evolutionary psych was its own discipline. Psychology was dominated by behaviorism; interest was not on natural behavior but studying animals as a model. Comparative psychology: mostly n. america; lab studies; lab animals; general learning; model systems. Instinctive behaviors, how animals find their own species. Every species has its own instinctive behavior. Mostly europe; field studies; wild animals; innate behaviour; natural history. Strong theoretical and mathematic background to predict how animals behave. Mathematically model what appropriate behavior of animals should be. Use ecological theory and economic models to predict behaviour and evolution of behaviour. Costs and benefits of different behaviors, related to reproductive fitness. E. o wilson said we can study human behavior the same way we measure animal behavior and should be able to predict when humans cave conflict or work together.

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