Psychology 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Albert Bandura, Hans Eysenck, Thought Suppression

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PSYCH 1000 Full Course Notes
PSYCH 1000 Full Course Notes
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The psychodynamic perspective: look for the causes of behaviour in a dynamic interplay of inner forces that often conflict with one another, while focusing on unconscious determinants of behaviour, sigmund freud- psychoanalytic theory. The superego developed by the age of four or five, and was the repository for the values and ideals of society. Must achieve compromise between the demands of the id, the constraints of superego, and the demands of reality balancing this act gives the ego the title executive of personality . Id this trying to discharge its instinctive energies and the opposing forces generated by the ego and the superego: observable behaviour often represents compromises between motives, needs, impulses and defences. If we understand the individuals internal world, then we can understand and predict that personal behaviour. Carl rogers"s self theory: he believed that our behaviour is not a reaction to unconscious conflicts but a response to our immediate conscious experience of self and environment.

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