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Sept 10/09
The Brain
The mind (ex. Consciousness, feelings, etc.)
Not measurable, reached indirectly.
Prime example: optical illusions.
Learning (ex. Behavior, etc.)
Study of exposure to TV
>Age 5 2-3h a day
>Age 10  4-6 h.
>Age 16  Witnessed 13,000 murders
>Age 18  TV time more than School.
TV Content
>8 of 10 shows contain violence
>Act of violence every 16 min. (avg.)
>93.5% cartoons contain violence (now 92%)
>‘Good Guys’ and ‘Bad Guys’ all violent
>Pain and suffering never shown.
>50% of killers don’t suffer.
People claimed to have personas influenced by TV.
Clinical Issues.
Evolution of treatment procedures.
PSYCHOSURGERY (brain surgery w/o organic damage)
>Moniz (1935)  removed frontal l0obes has “calming effect” on chimps
>In 20 yrs, 40.000 operations in US alone.
>Thought PREFRONTAL lobes “control” emotion
>Result: Became docile, apathetic, severe blunting of emotion, int problems, and death.
>Still a possible treatment today.
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