Psychology 1000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Harold Kelley, Fundamental Attribution Error, Social Comparison Theory

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PSYCH 1000 Full Course Notes
PSYCH 1000 Full Course Notes
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Group size - conformity increased from about 5 to 35 percent as group size increased from one to four or ive confederates, but, contrary to common sense, further increases in group size did not increase conformity. Presence of a dissenter - when one confederate (according to plan) disagreed with the others, this greatly reduced real participants" conformity. *when the correct answer is obvious, conformity decreases when the consequences of going along with the group"s erroneous judgment are made more costly. But, when we are less sure of the right way to behave (the task is hard), conformity increases as the stakes become higher. Remoteness of the victim: obedience was greater when the learner was out of sight. Closeness and legitimacy of authority figure: obedience was highest when the authority igure was close and perceived as legitimate. Cog of wheel: obedience increases when someone else does the.

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