Psychology 1000 Midterm: Psychology - Midterm 3 - Study Guide

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PSYCH 1000 Full Course Notes
PSYCH 1000 Full Course Notes
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*broca"s area, located in the left hemisphere"s frontal lobe, is most centrally involved in word production and articulation (generate words) Whorf, that people"s language determines the ways in which they perceive and think about their world. *in general, it appears that when people acquire a second language early in life or learn it to a high degree of proiciency later in life, both languages use a common neural network. Yet even within this common network, some brain regions become more active when luent bilinguals use the language to which they have been less extensively exposed (usually the second language). *an important diference between deductive and inductive reasoning lies in the certainty of the results. This includes knowledge about human nature, social relationships, and major life events. Such knowledge includes strategies for making decisions, handling conlict, and giving advice. This includes an awareness that life involves many contexts, such as family, friends, work, and leisure.