Psychology 2010A/B Study Guide - Donald Broadbent, Noam Chomsky, Daniel Kahneman

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Cognitive psychology : the study of the mental operations that support peoples acquisition and use of knowledge. Elaboration when we add to the sensory input. Memory-> the storage and recovery of information. Storage does not guarantee recovery tip of the tongue phenomenon . Human information processing: the psychological approach that attempts to identify what occurs in various stages (attention, perception , short term memory) of processing information. Acquisition, storage and retrieval have a number of stages. Sensory store: the part of memory that holds unanalyzed sensory info for a fraction of a second, providing an opportunity for additional analysis following the physical termination of a stimulus. Pattern recognition: stage of perception during which the stimulus is identified. Filter: the part of attention in which some perceptual information (from the sensory store or pattern recognition) is blocked out and not recognized while other info receives attention and is recognized.

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