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Psychology 2020 Test 1 Notes .docx

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Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

Test 1 Psychology 2020 Drugs and BehaviorsDrug chemical compound that may produce psychological behavioral and physiological effects Psychoactive Effects alternations in cognitive behavioral and motor processDrug Names1 Chemical nameDescribes the type of molecule and the location of the chemical groups on the molecule2 Generic name Nonproprietary nameCommonly used name for drug name that can be used by any company marketing the drug 3 Trade name Proprietary name Given by company and can only be used by that company Patented name4 Street Name Derivatives of trade name Basic Processes of Drug Administration Pharmacokinetics Collective of administration absorption distribution metabolism and elimination 1 Administration gets into blood2 Absorption gets into blood3 Distribution circulatory system4 Metabolism metabolized into inactive form5 Elimination out of body Pharmacodynamics interaction of the drug with receptors at the site of actionRoutes of Administration A Oral AdministrationMust pass through stomach or small intestine into bloodstream Stomach highly acidic and drugs destroyed in stomach Stomach to small intestine pass through intestinal wall by passive diffusion Routed to the liver first pass metabolism Cytochrome P450 term for large group of enzymes found primarily in endoplasmic reticulum of liver cells involved in metabolism of most drugs B Mucous Membranes eyes nose vagina rectum and across skin Albert Hoffmans famous LSD acid tripo Got drugs on his fingers Accidental poisoning as a result of absorption through skin Nicotine and caffeine in chewing gum both mucous membranes of mouth and oral C InhalationEffective but lung damageInhaled drugs nicotine THC solvents such as glue and gasoline Terms for inhaling solvents huffing and baggingBagging spraying of the inhalant in a bag and user placing the bag over mouth and inhaling Reaches brain in 58 seconds faster than injectionsD Injections Enter bloodstream dependent on blood flow in area of injection Blood flow greater intraperitoneal than intramuscularMainliningintravenous injections Skin popping subcutaneous injections of illicit drugso May be achieved by implanting a dissolvable pellet containing the drug below the skino Pellet or Depot implantation Intraventivularly directly injected to the brain or ventricles of the brain Distribution of DrugsInjections pulmonary route enter circulation diffusing through pores in capillary walls Oral drugs lipid soluble absorbed in digestive systems no pores in lining of stomach or intestines Persons entire volume of blood is totally circulated once every minute Ionization Drugs eithero Weak acids Ionize in alkaline environments and become less ionized in acidic environmento Weak bases Ionize in acidic environments and become less ionized in alkaline environments Rate of absorption depends on percentage of nonionized molecules The further from stomach the less acidic bases are more easily absorbed through digestive system
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