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Drugs and Behaviour - Exam Study Note - Caffeine Unit
Drugs and Behaviour - Exam Study Note - Caffeine Unit

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Western University
Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

Psychology 2020BDrugs and Behaviour CAFFEINE Caffeine Consumption all sources World70mg Canada210mg USA240 mg Sweden425mg UK450 mg Common Sources of CaffeineCoffee100mgcup Standard Amount of Caffeine in EachInstant Coffee60 mgcup Tea50mgcup Cola Drink40mgcan Chemical Name 137 trimethylxanthineChemical Family Methylxanthines 60 kinds of xanthines in plantsServe a protective functionWhen insects eat the plant the xanthine increases NT octopamineoverexcitation and death Other Chemical Families commonly found with Dimethylxanthines caffeine that exert the same effectsTheophyllineTheobromine Plants Containing Methylxanthines Coffee Tea Yerba mate Guarana Kola nut Cacoacocoa chocolate Yerba Mate South America Steep their leaves like teaGuarana South America Brew roasted berriesbeans like coffee Double the caffeine content as coffeeContains theophylline and theobromine too Found in energy drinks Tea Origins Shen NungChinese Emperor founded teaEarliest caffeine containing beverage used for its ephedrine and marijuana psychostimulating effects predates coffeeLEGEND China 3000BC Spread to Japan 1500sTea introduced to Europe trade via Dutch East India Trading CompanyOriginally only popular in England and Russia by the upper class costly 1700simproved trading routes cost of tea decreased Teas popularity increased immensely
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