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Drugs and Behaviour - Exam Study Note - Cannabis Unit

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Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

Psychology 2020BDrugs and Behaviour CANNABIS Cannabis Sativa Plant that has the leaves called marijuana street name How many cannabinoid chemical agents are in 6080 marijuana Cannabis Sativa Most common form of plant 18 feet Sticky resin from leaves and flowering tops Which plant contains the psychoactive Both substances Male Female What does the female plant look like Shorter bushier What happens if the female plant is prevented Resin production increases from being pollinated sinsemillaSpanish for without seeds Hot dry climate RESIN increases more psychoactive Fibre decreases Cool humid climate FIBRE increases more hemp Resin decreases Cannabis indica Short Less than 8 feet Bushier than the most common kind Cannabis ruderalis Very short Least THC content Best for making hemp Earliest use Over 10 000 years agoUsed for what FibreChina Cannabis was used for psychoactive effects 3000BC same time as tea medicinal purposes for clothes shoes and rope Assyrians Incense th9 century BC India Psychoactive purposesnot medicinal Why did the cannabis plant become grown in the Climate hot and dry was condusive to increased Middle East RESINTHC thWhen was hash first used 11 century BC Islamic mythsHassaniSabbahMyth of the Old ManDrug used was hashish Hashish Origins Early 1800sEuropeBecause of British colonization of India and Napoleons Egyptian expeditionsBooks written1 in England OShaughnessy 1 in France Moreau de Toursestablished the psychoactive
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