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Drugs and Behaviour - Exam Study Note - Hallucinogens and Designer Drugs Unit

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Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

Psychology 2020BDrugs and Behaviour HALLUCINOGENS and DESIGNER DRUGS What is the Latin term for hallucinogen Allucinere What does it mean To wander in mind talk idly or prate What does the DSMIV define a hallucinogen likeSensory perceptionCompelling sense of reality of a true perceptionBut occurs without external stimulation of the relevant sensory organ Are all of the drugs we talk about able to produce NO TRUE hallucinations Distortions of sensory information If not what do they produce instead 3 Mental confusion What are some of these drugs classified as Delirium PsychotogenicsPsychedelicsDeliriantsHow many plants contain substances that produce Over 6000 hallucinogenicdeliriant effects Are the drugs that produce hallucinogenic effects NO chemically homogenous as a drug classThey are heterogenous in terms of chemical structure and neurotransmitter mode of action What are the 4 ways to categorize a hallucinogen 1 Cholinergic Hallucinogen 2 Serotonergic5HTHallucinogens 3 Methylated AmphetaminesNoradrenergic Hallucinogens 4 Other hallucinogens stWhat are the 1 3 based on NT characterization thWhat is the 4 based on Miscellaneous characteristics What is the effect of substances from plants that Deathaffect the cholinergic system if taken in highLethaldosesNaturally occurring poisons What function would they serve for the plant Protection What function have humans used them for 1 Deliriumsought after state 2 Poisons Which kind of drug that affects the cholinergic BOTH system produces psychoactive effects tooMeaning jacking up some types of activity can produce psychoactive effectsagonist antagonist or bothAnd jacking down some types of activity can also produce psychoactive effects What 2 effects do cholinergic antagonists do that Sedation provide them with a history of medical use too Amnesia What is the cholinergic NS responsible for Maintaining life sustaining physiological functions 2 things Learning and memory CHOLINERGIC AGONIST HALLUCINOGENSWhat do these guys do Stimulate muscarinic cholinergic receptors Producing greater than normal neural activity in the cholinergic NS Which one is the fly agaric mushroom Amanita MuscariaWhy is it called this People used to put slices of the amanita muscaria mushroom into milk to attract flies and kill them Where is it found Temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere What does it look like Bright red cap White dots Fantasia What is it referred to as in Hindu Legends from soma 3500 years ago What were they used for in Green mystery cults Cut up the mushroom consume them and youll be closer to the Gods What did the Vikings use them for Before raiding a village What state did it produce in them agitated raving and feelings of invincibilityWhat did this behaviour lead to them being called berserkers What is it associated with in Scandinavia Santa Clause What is it thought to bring Good luck Is Amanita a typical drug of choice today NO What are the 2 psychoactive substances in Ibotenic acid Amanita Muscimole What other ones are there 3 not as important Muscarine bufotenine and muscazone Are the psychoactive substances excreted NOchanged What is a common practice of Siberian tribes Drink the urine of someone who has ingested Koryaks Amanita muscaria5 passes See effects of Amanita muscaria Page 95 What is the name of the plant found in Gabon in Ibogaine central Africa which Gabonese hunters chew the yellowish root At low doses what does it act like Stimulantdecreases hungerAllows the hunters to endure long treks and searches for food How long do the effects last Up to 30 hours What is the main psychoactive compound in Ibotenic acid same as Amanita muscaria ibotaine What was this sold as in the 1960s in France OTC medication for fatigue What happened if they took a lot of pills Achieved a mysticalmeditative state identified repressed childhood memories and unlocked theminsight into themselves Who quit heroin because they used ibogaine Howard Lotsof Is ibogaine better than a placebo as a useful NO treatment for heroin addiction What has ibogaine been given as a classification Schedule 1 classification banned Despite the lack of evidence for its use in YES treatmentis it still usedEven in Canada
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