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Drugs and Behaviour - Exam Study Note - Inhalants Unit

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Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

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Psychology 2020BDrugs and Behaviour INHALANTS What is the grouping factor for inhalants Method of administration What ARE NOT considered inhalants Substances that must be burnedheated in order to be inhaled nicotineTHC What are the 4 kinds of inhalants 1 Volatile hydrocarbons GASES 2 Nonmedical solvents3 Anesthetic gases with SOME medical use 4 NitritesWhat kind of inhalant is popular in the young Nonmedical solvents populationAccessibleCheapWhy is this soEasily hidden What kinds of countries do these adolescentsRapid onset of effects occupy Poor countries MexicoSouth America20 Are these drugs illegalillicit street children have daily use of solvents IllicitGeneral Canadian Population LIFETIME USE BOTH 0 General Canadian Population PAST YEAR USE Males were higher than femalesInfo on Canadian undergrads NO Grades 712 LIFETIMES USE 15 Grade 712 PAST YEAR USE 8 Females were higher than males Peaks in the earlier grades and declines after Grade 8 unlike other drugs Anesthetic GasesALL OF THEMIncrease the inhibitory action of GABA glycine Decrease excitatory glutamate Whats the historically oldest anesthetic gas ETHER Who produced sweet vitrol 1275 Spanish chemist Raymundus Lullius What IS sweet vitrol Distilled alcohol and sulphuric acid thIn the 16 century what was sweet vitrol found to Induce sleep do on chickens Eliminate painWho introduced sweet vitrol into medicine Albert Hoffman When Late 1600s Under what name AnodyneIn 1730 what happened Sweet vitrolAnodyneETHER heavenly Ether frolics 1700s Partying and consuming ether How is ether ingested InhaleddrunkHow can taking ether orally be more pleasant When its combined with alcohol An example of this mixture Hoffmans Drops When was this mixture used Late 1800searly 1900s How much etherhow much alcohol 1 part3 parts Who was this a popular tonic for White upper middle class women who were not
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