Drugs and Behaviour - Exam Study Note - Stimulant Unit

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A group of naturally occurring plant substances that have psychomotor stimulating effects. Earliest recognized and used naturally occurring plant psychostimulants. In 1927, gordon alles developed a synthetic form of ephedrine named Smith, kline and french marketed amphetamine under the name Leafless, desert shrub known as the horsetail plant. Whorehouse tea (because it was thought to treat syphilis and gonorrhoea) Why merchants are required to document large scale purchases. Drug that contained ma huang and was sold as a safe alternative to ecstacy (but was banned) The combination induces the burning of fat (thermogenic effect) No there were adverse effects (aneurysms etc) Mild stimulant when used this way (about the same effect as caffeine) Does khat produce psychological dependence? (a compulsive desire to use the drug) Half (also khat buying can consume half of a family s income good income for those who grow it) 1997 under the controlled drugs and substances.