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Drugs and Behaviour - Exam Study Note - Tobacco Unit

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Western University
Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

Psychology 2020BDrugs and Behaviour TOBACCO First users of tobacco Mayans Location of first use Central America Date of first use 300ADLEGEND wood nymph Tobacco Origins Europeans saw natives light leafy rolls on fire and smoke themdrinking smokeperfuming Mid 1500sEuropean explorers brought tobacco back to Europe What did a Spanish physician claim tobaccoTreated joint pain smoking didToothachesSnake bites even bowel obstruction In the 1600s how was tobacco smoked PipeWas it for high classlow class or both Both Was it okay for both sexes to use tobacco YES What were tobacco establishments called Tobacco houses What were caffeine and opium and alcohol ones Coffeehouses opium dens speakeasies called In the 1700s how was tobacco used Snuff snortedFinely ground tobaccoPinches of it were taken from ornate snuff boxes high class or anatomical snuff box of left wrist low class In the 1800s how was tobaccos used ChewLoose leaf shreddedplugs shredded mixed with molasses into a cube What was one aspect of chewing tobacco that spitting of the juice upset users and nonusersSpittoonscupsidors How was tobaccos used in the earlymid 1800s USArolled tobacco cigars and then cigarettes James Bonsack Invented the cigarette machine 1881 Contributed to the rise in popularity in cigarettes WHAT HAPPENED to supply and demand Before machine PriceHandrolled4min After machine200min Supply increased because demand increased Price decreased Mid 1800sper capita consumption of cigarettes 036 cigarettesday in USA stBans Against Smoking King James 1Refuted claims of medical benefits to smoking and second hand smoke
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