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Freud’s Psychodynamic perspective.docx

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Psychology 2035A/B
Tom Haffie

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Prologue defining personalityIndividual differences distinctiveness in traits and behavior that are stable over time and consistent across situationsconsistencyWhere do these stable and consistent individual differences come fromPart 1 the origin of personalityBehavior perspective Pavlov Skinner Bandura p4350 Humanistic perspective Rogers Maslow p5155Biological perspective p5558Freuds Psychodynamicperspectivep3541A Hysteria Unusual symptoms but no physical basis Eg glove anesthesiasee photo p 452Childhood sexual experiences with adults is the cause of hysterical symptomsNo memories too inconsistent Fantasies patients were reporting what they wished would happenFree association and the talking cureWhy was it effective B The topology of the Minda The conscious mindeverything we are aware of at a given momentb The motivated unconscious mind Wishes desires impulses that are beyond our conscious awareness kept there because they are threatening or upsetting unacceptable sexual or aggressive content BY probing the unconscious with free association he could make the unconscious conscious and cure his parentsInterlude prbing the unconscious A case of obsessive thinkingObsessive Thought conscious if I have sexual intercourse My niece will dieI will think of being married I will remember that my fiance cant have children I will become jealous of my sister who can have childrenI will be angry with her for having a child I will resent my niece Iwill wish my niece was illif I have sexual intercourse My niece will die
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