Psychology 2035A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: White Supremacy, The Graphic, Psych

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Psych 2035 olc additional notes midterm #3. For context, recall that in chapter 3, we learned the various ways in which social support can serve as a protective buffer during times of high stress. Seeking social support is cited as a problem-focused coping strategy in chapter 4. In reality, receiving and offering the benefits of social support is a bit complex. Actual social support: the real acquisition of help. Perceived social support: the belief that others are available and willing to help. On average, perceived social support has a better impact on adjustment to a person who is in distress. The norm of reciprocity: recipients may be unable to reciprocate or pay back the help they receive. Threats to self-esteem: receiving help from someone else may feel threatening if they are very similar to you and is perhaps seen as doing better than you in life. People might also be skeptical as to the reasons why someone is helping them.