Psychology 2035A/B Lecture 17: 10

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Published on 20 Mar 2020
80. Worldwide, which of the following is the most common mode of transmission of the HIV
a. Sharing food.
b. Heterosexual relations.
c. Sexual contact among homosexual men.
d. The sharing of needles by intravenous drug users.
81. Which of the following statements about AIDS is accurate?
a. Having AIDS and being infected with HIV are basically the same thing.
b. People who donate blood on a regular basis are in danger of contracting AIDS.
c. AIDS can be readily transmitted through casual contact with infected individuals.
d. HIV carriers often remain healthy and symptom-free for many years after they are
82. Which of the following is good advice for minimizing the risk of developing AIDS?
a. You should have sexual contact with fewer partners.
b. You should use condoms to control semen exchange.
c. You should curtail sexual behaviors that increase the probability of mixing semen
and blood.
d. All of these statements constitute good advice.
83. People who are eager to seek medical care are most likely to be which of the following?
a. Highly psychotic.
b. High in extroversion.
c. High in neuroticism.
d. High in sensation-seeking.
84. George has decided to seek medical treatment for a severe rash 疹子 that has remained
for 3 days. His decision involves
a. identifying symptoms as an indication of illness.
b. deciding it warrants medical attention.
c. arranging the care appointment and time.
d. all of these.
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