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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 7Social Thinking and Social InfluenceTextbookSocial Cognition how people think about people as well as themselves Forming Impressions of Others Person perception the process of forming impressions of others Key Sources of InformationDependent on observations of others to determine what they are like Five key sources of observational informationoAppearancePeople do judge people based on what they look likeMultiracial individuals are remembered less well than those whose race is the same as ingroup or distinctly different from outgroup that of perceivers Samerace bias accounts for whether people are recalled Racially ambiguous faces were recalled less accurately than ownrace facesMemory for biracial faces can be enhanced if the perceivers are motivated to see such faces as part of the ingroupoVerbal behaviourPeople form impressions based on what and how much others selfdisclose how often they give advice and ask questions and how judgmental they are oActionsBecause people dont always tell you the truth rely on behaviour to provide insights oNonverbal messages Provide information about peoples emotional states and dispositions Rely on nonverbal cues to determine the truth of what others sayoSituations Setting in which behaviour occurs provides crucial information about how to interpret a persons behaviour Presence of a trait perceived to be negative can have more influence on forming impressions than several positive qualitiesA single bad deed can eliminate a good reputation but one good deed cannot redeem an otherwise bad standing in the eyes of others Bad impressions tend to be stronger than good onesSnap Judgments versus Systematic JudgmentsPeople are bombarded with more information than they can possibly handle Snap judgments judgments about others that are made quickly and based on only a few bits of information and preconceived notions oMay not be particularly accurate1
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