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chapter 3,4,5,14 vocab

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 3 STRESSStress is any circumstance that threaten or are perceived to threaten ones wellbeing andthereby tax ones coping abilitiesPrimary appraisal is an initial evaluation of whether an event is 1 irrelevant to you 2relevant but not threatening or 3 stressfulSecondary appraisal is an evaluation of your coping resources and options for dealingwith the stress Ambient stress consists of chronic environmental conditions that although not urgent arenegatively valued and that place adaptive demands on peopleAcute stressors are threatening events that have a relatively short duration and clearendpointChronic stressors are threatening events that have a relatively long duration and noreadily apparent time limitFrustration occurs in any situation in which the pursuit of some goal is thwarted Conflict occurs when tow or more incompatible motivations or behavioral impulsescompete for expression Approachapproach conflict a choice must be made between two attractive goalsAvoidanceavoidance conflict a choice must be made between two unattractive goals Approachavoidance conflict a choice must be made about whether to pursue a singlegoal that has both attractive and unattractive aspectsLife changes are any noticeable alterations in ones living circumstances that requirereadjustmentPressure involves expectations or demands that one behave in a certain wayEmotions are powerful largely uncontrollable feelings accompanied by physiologicalchangesThe fightorflight response is a physiological reaction to threat that mobilizes anorganism for attacking or fleeing an enemyThe ANS is made up of the nerves that connect to the heart blood vessels smoothmuscles and glandsIt controls involuntary visceral functions that people dontnormally think about such as heart rate digestion and perspiration
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