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Txt Chpt 3- Stress & Its Effects

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 3 StressIts Effectspg 70103The Nature of StressStress any circumstances that threaten or are perceived to threaten ones wellbeing and thereby tax ones coping abilitiesStress Is an Everyday Event13 Americans report living w extreme stress12 believed stress had increases over past 5 yrsRoutine hassles may produce significant negative effects on mentalphysical healthscores on scales measuring daily hassles were more strongly related to mental health than scores measuring life eventsStressful events probably have a cumulative impactpersonal charact resilience optimism can buffer distressing daily hasselsStress Lie in the Eye of The Beholderappraisal of stress is subjectiveLazarusFolkman Primary VS Secondary AppraisalPrimary Appraisal an initial evaluation of whether an event is 1 irrelevant to you 2 relevant but not threatening or 3 stressfulwhen an event is stressful to you likely to make Secondary AppraisalSecondary Appraisal an evaluation of your coping resources and options for dealing with the stressEG 1 whether job interview was stressful 2 how stressful was itappraisal of event predicted stress symptoms study 911 childrenanxious neurotic more likely to make threat appraisals and report more stressStress May be Embedded in the EnvironmentAmbient stress chronic environmental conditions that although not urgent are negatively valued and place adaptive demands on peopleEG excessive noise pollution trafficcrowding is a major enviro stresscritical stressor for residents in N Indialiving in areas w high risk for disasterhigher levels of distressurban poverty an violenceStress is Influenced by Culturecultural change modernization changing values etcis a major stressor ethnicityrelated sources of stressracial discrimination affects mental healthstudy 96 of Afr Amer reported some type of discrimination 95 found in stressfulperceived discriminationgreater psychological stressAcculturation changing to adapt to new culturestress for immigrantsMajor Sources of StressAcute Stressor threatening events that have a rather short duration and a clear endpointwaiting for test results floodChronic Stressors threatening events w long duration and no apparent endpointcredit card debt sick family memberSapolsky Anticipatory Stressor upcoming events that are perceived to be threateningworry about breakups that wont occur bad grades we may not receive
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