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Txt Chapt 5- Psychology and Physical health

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 5 Psychology and Physical Healthpg 138147ppls health is more compromised by chronic diseases rather than contagious diseases3 leading chronic diseases heart disease cancer and stroke 60 of deathsBiopsychosocial Model physical illness is cause by a complex interaction of biological psychological and sociocultural factorsHealth Psychology concerned with how psychosocial factors relate to the promotion and maintenance of health w the causation prevention and treatment of illnessStress Personality and IllnessPersonality Emotions and Heart Diseaseaccounts for 27 of deaths in USyearCoronary Herat Disease reduction in blood flow through the coronary arteries which supply heart w bloodcauses 90 of heart deathsAtherosclerosis narrowing of coronary arteries is principle causeeventually leads to heart attack myocardial infarctionrisk factors smoking diabetes high blood pressure and cholesterol levelsemerge in women 10 years after menHostility and Coronary RiskFriedman and Rosenman connection between coronary risk and Type A PersonalityType A Personality includes 3 elements 1 strong competitive orientation 2 impatience and time urgency 3 anger and hostilityambitious
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