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Txt Chpt 7- Social Thinking and Social Influence

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Western University
Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 7 Social Thinking and Social Influencepg 208 239Forming Impressions of OthersPerson Perception the process of forming impressions of othersunaware of this processKey Sources of Informationrely on 5 key sources of observational information1 Appearance eyeglassesstudiousness multiracial ppl are less remembered2 Verbal Behavior3 Actions4 Nonverbal Messages5 Situations1 negative quality has more influence on impression then several positive onesbad impressions are stronger than good onesSnap Judgements VS Systematic JudgmentsSnap Judgments made quickly based n few bits of info not accurateFiske goodenough accuracy in forming impressions allows us to navigate our social seas and not collide too oftenSystematic Judgement observe person in various situations friends employeesAttributionsAttributions inferences that people draw about the cause of their own behavior others behavioreventsinternal attributions ascribe causes of someones behavior to personal traits abilities feelingsexternal attributions causes of behavior to environmental constraintsppl are selective in making attributionsmost likely to make attributions whenothers behave in unexpected wayevents are personally relevantthey are suspicious about another persons motivesPerceiver Expectationsperciever expectations can influence the perception of othersConfirmation Biastendency to seek information that supports ones beliefs while not pursing disconfirming infoin court leading questionsbelieving is seeinghappens when ppl selectively recall facts to fit their views of othersstudy remembered actions consistent w stereotype waitress or librarianSelfFulfilling Propheciesoccurs when expectations about a person cause them to behave in ways that confirm the expectations coined by Merton3 steps1 Perceiver has initial impression of someone2 Perceiver behaves toward the target person in line with their expectations3 Target person adjusts behavior to perceivers actionsboth are unaware of this processseen in classroom looking at effects of teachers expectations on students performance
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