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Txt Chpt 13- Careers and Work

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 13 CareersWork p 406439 Industrial Organizational IO Psychthe study of human behavior in the workplacestudy worker motivation job performance leadership occupational hazardsdiversity in organizationsFamilywork conflict how indiv balance work and family lifeChoosing a Careercareer decision may determine whether youre employedunemployed financially secureinsecure happyunhappyadvanced tech and more education make it more important to chooseIn theory making a successful career choiceclear hold on your personal characteristicsrealistic info on potential careersjob should match characteristicsExamining Personal Characteristics and Family Influences choosing a career is luxury given to upper and middle classesPersonal Characteristicssecure attachment and selfefficiencyfind it easier to make career choicesintelligencepredicts entering certain career fieldsspecial talentsmore certain for specific careerssocial skills personal interestsmore motivationcareer compatible with personalityFamily Influencescareers that appeal tend to be like parentssimilar levels of educationsimilar jobssocioeconomic status influence careerethnicity ChineseAsianAmericans choose investigative occupationsparenting practicesmiddle class more encouraged to be curiousindependentResearching job CharacteristicsSources of Career InfoOccupational Outlook Handbook published every 2 years comprehensive guide to careers descriptions educationtraining req salaryonline searchingEssential Info About Occupationshigher ratings too good health insurance retirement plans limited job stress recognition of performing well Issues you need to know aboutnature of the workworking conditionsjob entry requirementsongoing training and educpotential earningspotential statusopportunities for advancementintrinsic job satisfactionfuture outlooksecurity
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