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Txt Chpt 14- Psychological Disorders

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 14 Psychological Disorderspg440453Abnormal Behavior Concepts and ControversiesThe Medical Model Applied to Abnormal BehaviorMedical Model proposes that it is useful to think of abnormal behavior as a diseaseconventional way of thinking about abnormal behaviorrepresents progress over earlier models based on superstitionsl brought improvements in treatmentProblems with modelThomas Szasz abnormal behavior involves deviation from social norms rather than an illnessmedical diagnoses pin derogatory labels on ppl social stigmastigmatization of mental disorders has increasedDiagnosis involves distinguishing 1 illness from anotherEtiology apparent causation and developmental history of illnessPrognosis forecast about the probably course of an illnessCriteria of Abnormal Behavior1 Deviance eg Transvestic Fetishism a sexual disorder in which a man achieves sexual arousal by dressing in womens clothing2 Maladaptive Behavior alcohol and drug use3 Personal Distress disorder diagnoses involve value judgements about what represents normalabnormal behavjudgments on mental illness reflect cultural values social trends political forces scientific knowledgeexists on a continuumPsychodiagnosis The Classification of DisordersDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorderskeeps getting revisedThe Multiaxial SystemAxis Iclinical syndromesorganic mental substance related schiz mood anxiety somatoform dissociative ad genderidentity disorderAxis IIpersonality disordersAxis IIIgeneral medical conditions physical disordersAxis IVpsychological and environmental problems types of stress experiencedAxis Vglobal assessment of functioning Controversies Surrounding the DSMenormous overlap among various disorders in symptomscategorical approach should be replaced bydimensional approachaddition of everyday problems that are not though of as mental illnessesThe Prevalence of Psychological DisordersEpidemiology study of the distribution of mental physical disorders of a populationPrevalence the percentage of a population that exhibits a disorder during specified time periodpsych disorders found in 13 of population44 of adult pop will struggle with a psych disorder at some point51 lifetime risk of of a psychiatric disorderMost common disorders are substance use anxiety disorders mood disorders
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