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Psychology 2036A/B
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Chapter9CardiovascularDiseaseSectionITheHeartanditsFunctionsStructureThe heart circulates blood to all parts of the bodyBlood carries oxygen from the lungs to the organs and take carbon dioxide away for the lungs to expelSuperiorinferior vena cavaright atriumright ventriclepulmonary artery lungspulmonary veinleft atrialeft ventricleaortaFunctionA system of inlet valves open and close to help direct blood in and around the heart and to prevent back flowlubdub sound is a result in valves closingLuboProduced by closing of tricuspid valve betweenRA and RV orthe mitral valve between PV and LAoRepresents sound of diastole heart filling with bloodDuboAtria and ventricles contract oBlood pumped from RV into the PA oAortic valves open to allow blood pumped out by LVoSystolecontraction of heart Blood pressuremeasure of heart health oSystolicdiastolicSectionIICardiovascularDiseaseCardiovascular diseasea group of disorders of the heart or circulatory systemCardioheartVascularvesselsAtherosclerosisoAtheropasteoSclerosishardeningoDeposition of fats cholesterol calcium plaque in the arteries1 Plaque narrows the passageways of arteries and reduces the volume of blood flowing to or from the heart Reduction in blood flow can damage the heart2 A normal artery is flexibleallow blood to flow easily through the vessels Formation of plaque hardens the vessel and reduces flexibility3 A buildup of plaque is cause by a diet high in fats and cholesterol and low in fiberCoronary Artery DiseaseMore commontype of cardiovascular heart disease
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