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Psychology 2043A/B

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Psychological disorderPsych dysfunction within an individual associated with the distress or impairment in functioning and a response that is not typically or culturally expectedPhobia a psych disorder characterized by marked and persistant fear of an object or situation1Dysfunctionbreakdown in cog EmotionalOr behavioural function on CONTINUUM2Distressupset manic impairment doesnt exist by itself3Atypical responseviolates social normsClinical psychologist PhD and grad schoolDoctor of psychology more emphasis on clinical practice RARE in Canada regulated by college or boardPsychotherapistscounseling psychologist NOT regulatedvocational issues in normally healthy peoplePsychiatrist Medical doctor with specialization in psychiatryresearch and PRESCIBES MEDSSocial workernurses Masters at least in fieldScientific practitioner model mental health professionals apply scientific methods to their workKEEP CURRENT IN LATEST RESEARCH ON DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENTEVALULATE OWN METHODSGENERATE RESEARCHPresenting problems what they come in withDescription combination of behaviors thoughts and feelings or an individual that makes up a particularCourse pattern of development and chance or a disorder over time ChronicepisodicTime limited improve without treatment in short period of timeCAUSATION TREATMENT OUTCOMESupernatural TraditionDeviant behavior is a reflection of battle bw good and evil Demons and WitchesBizarre behaviorwork of devil and witchesMisfortune of community put blame on those possessed by evil spiritsExorcism shaving pattern in hair securing sufferers to wallStress and MelancholyInsanitynatural caused by stress therefore CURABLEDespair and anxietySIN of ACEDIAslothOintments and potions used by family to care patientMelancholysource of behaviour NICHOLAS ORESMETreatment for PossessionBlaming people for their own illnessExorcism confined and torturedHanging over snake pitsMoon StarsParacelsus movement of stars and moon has effect on peoples emotionsLunatic full moonAstrologyTreatmentBiological TraditionElectric shockHippocrates and GalenBrain surgeryFather of medicinepsych disorders treated like other illnesses Insulin shock therapyBrain pathology head trauma heredityBrain is the seat of wisdomIQ emotion consciousnessstHUMORAL THEORY1 chemical imbalanceBlack bile yellow bile blood and phlegm heat dryness moisture and coldnessSyphilisBacteria in brain causing delusionsGerm Theory of DiseaseJohn P GreyInsanity due to physical causesRotary Fans for ventilation
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