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2070 Midterm chap 1 3 4 6 7 10/14/2012 3:31:00 PM
Social Psychology- Scientific study of how individuals‟ thoughts, feelings,
and behavior‟s are influenced by other people
1) Influenced by other people
-how other people affect us
2) Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
- include cognitions, feelings and behaviors
3) Individuals‟ Perspective (Social Construal- how they
construe/perceive/interpret the situation)
4) Scientific Study
Study showed that when a poster board of attractive models was presented,
people rated themselves less attractive and less competent
Mob aggression can be explained by anonymity. Deinviduation has been
used to explain the feeling that people feel unaccountable for their actions
when in a large group.
The larger the mob, the bigger the breakdown of normal inhibitory self-
control and the more the savage the mob attacks
Social Psychology is not common sense.
Why intuitions are wrong
1. common sense often allows competing predictions
2. intuitions are not always right (valid)
3. folk wisdom is often vague and simplistic
Hindsight bias- The tendency to think that a known outcome was obvious
Bottom line is that Social Psychology is relevant

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Personality Psychology The area most closely related to social
-Focuses on dispositions which are consistencies in thought or action that
characterize and individual across time and settings that make him or her
different from other people
-how individuals are affected by other people
Development Psychology study of age-related changes in human
abilities and behaviors, ranging from childhood to the end of the life span
-most study children
-also study cognitive development
Cognitive Psychology study how the human mind works, including
memory, information processing, consciousness, and decision making
-overlaps substantially with social cognition the study of how information
about people is processed and stored
Clinical and Counseling Psychology study of people who are having
difficulty coping with life‟s demands
-Also called abnormal psychology- people who are suffering from some
kind of psychological or emotional problem
-include loneliness, shyness, relationship diss
Disciplines related to Social Psychology
Sociology- the discipline most closely related to social psychology. Studies
how social and cultural forces influence behavior
-focus on groups in contrast to social psychology which focuses on the
-Sociologists study existing groups, while social psychologists try to
manipulate factors in experiments
Anthropology The study of the past and present cultures, particularly
how cultural features influence behavior
-Archaeology is a branch of anthropology which involves the investigation of
past cultures through their physical remains

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Political Science The study of methods of government, including the
principles and operations of political institutions
-Hybrid sub discipline known as political psychology where social
psychologists work with political scientists to help understand human
political behavior
Social psychology, first founded in 1950‟s after world war II
Plato- considered the father of western philosophy, suggested that people
experience the world in 3 distinct ways:
1. In Thought
2. In Emotion
3. In Action
Aristotle (Plato‟s student) argued forcefully that living a good life and
achieving personal happiness are both dependent on providing benefits to
other people in ADDITION to the self
-argued that connections with others form an essential part of who we really
Social Norms- perceived rules or guidelines about what behaviors are
acceptable and unacceptable
Social Contract (Philosophy) refers to the idea that, to survive and prosper,
human groups had to develop some basic rules of social and moral conduct;
an absence of rules would have led to societal break-down
Philosophy and social psychology involve the concept of identity, and are
interested in the issues related to how people see themselves
Triplett, earliest publication in social psychology, presence of audience
improves individuals performances (the first published social psychology
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