Psychology 2070A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Amate, John Bowlby, Catfishing

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8 - interpersonal attraction & relationships (ch 9) - google docs anxious/ambivalent ps used passive, emotion focused coping strategies associated with marital distress. The rules of attraction: proximity/familiarity, more likely to be involved with someone if we communicate with them often, propinquity: the actual physical distance we are from others, functional distance: how easy it is for people to come into contact i) ii) iii) Because of this, we"re more likely to like people that we"re familiar with: similarity, attitude similarity effect: we like people with similar attitudes/values, byrne et al. , 1970 i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Similarity related to attraction also, memory of partner"s name and desire for more dates: matching hypothesis: people of approximately equal levels of physical attractiveness (and values) tend to seek each other as mates i) ii) iii, reciprocity. 8 - interpersonal attraction & relationships (ch 9) - google docs i) ii)