Psychology 2070A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Sundress, Social Loafing, Positive Illusions

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Part 2: a study by griskevicius and colleagues (2009) activated no goal, a status goal, or a mating goal in male participants. Participants were then instructed to imagine how they would respond to someone spilling on a drink on them while being watched by a male or female audience. The next day, he passes a homeless man on the street panhandling for change and. Richard pretends not to notice him and just keeps walking. Research on moral _______ can explain richard"s behaviour. (a) license (b) credentials (c) hydraulics (d) reserves (e) elevation: _______ influence resulted in the conformity observed in sherif"s autokinetic effect studies; Her partner, steve, often drives her to yoga training and offers her plenty of encouragement and positive feedback when she practices at home. She notices the store has a pair on display and asks the salesperson to try on a size seven.