Psychology 2075 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gender Role, Hostile Work Environment, Anterograde Amnesia

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Drugs and sexual assault: drugs are colourless and odourless, do not change the colour of your drink (cid:862)date rape(cid:863) drug ketamine. Category: dissociative anaesthetic, effects of ketamine include, analgesia/anaesthesia = inability to feel pain, cardiovascular and respiratory stimulation, dissociation/hallucinations = detachment environment, amnesia = memory loss from oneself and the, street names, k, vitamin k, special k. Date rape drugs - rohypnol: flunitrazepam = used to treat insomnia. Category: benzodiazepines derivative (includes valium: pharmacological effects, hypnotic, sedative = inducing sleep, anxiolytic = reduces anxiety, skeletal muscle relaxant, street names, la rocha, roofies. Date rape durgs ghb (gamma hydroxy-butyrate: category, central nervous system depressant effects, can be lethal when combined with alcohol or other depressants, currently, there is no accepted medical use for ghb, and the u. s food and drug. Testing for ingested drugs: urine measurements best done within 24 hours, measurable up to 60-72 hours (depending on the dose)