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Unit 3 ALL Lecture Notes!

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Western University
Psychology 2115A/B
Stephen Lupker

Oct 31stPsych 2075classical issues in perception speech perception less so hard to get experiments doneperception of depth and distance visualsee world 3D with a 2D retinadirection perceptionForm Perceptionretinal mosaicyou need to perceive a contour rstcontour an area in the array of visual information in which there is an abrupt change in luminance look at white board with ping pong balls cut in half covering your eyeganzfeld entire eld need contours or the system loses interestvisual system gets bored stops perceivingtook contact lens arm off of it able to sit something on the arm so someone can look at itimpossible to stop your eyes from movingcreate a stimulus where a contour stays the same place on the retinaas your eye moves the lens moves along with the eyeeventually gure starts to disappear contours are formed in a reasonable fashion what part of the enviro is the gure and what is the groundGestaltists and Structuralists 1 Law of Similaritythe way one perceives the object you get the pieces and it resonates with something in memorythe overall form of things spent time trying to nd out the principles that we are hardwired to use when it comes time to perceiving objectsred dots on the boardrow of dots column of dotslumping either horizontally or vertically the law of similarityrows vs columnsdont need colours we can do it in monochrome 2Law of Good Continuationwant to see the line continuing rather than two separate objects3Law of Closureeven if some contours are removed we still perceived certain shapesbring things together4Law of Simplicity or Good gure5Law of Common Fatemovement things that have the same thing happening to them are lumped togetherIMPORTANT they are all based on the single more general principle the human system has a striving for order in the perceptual worldOct 31stPsych 2075Law of Pragnanz1935 experiment Werner what goes on over time that allows us to get to that ending if you see something you see something thats that tradition you either saw it or you didntmanipulationspresented two stimuli to people one was a disc and a mask with a holeISI inter stimulus intervalthere will be a presentation of the second stimulus mask then the lag and then the disc is presentedthe target ts in the mask creates a black circleblob need to say if you saw the target or if you didnt presented for 10msasked did you see the disc trusted people whether theyd say yes or nofound PY dependent vs length of the ISI independentshort ISI high yesTHEN decreases then increases once again creates a U on graphtrough100ms ISIat 200ms you go back to 100 in being able to reportlong stimulus you saw the disc then you saw the ring laterperception has to unfold over time when the ring comes in it causes problems prevents you from accurately seeing the stimulus that is already gone 100 target and maskcirle100200only mask200target THEN maskring comes later MESSES up ability to perceive discAverbach and Corriell 19612 rows of letters 16 all togetherstimulus is different on every trial 15msonly want you to report one letter will be the one at some ISI that has a circle around its positionrevolves around that ISI matters shorter ISI would see circle and lettermesses up ability to perceive somethingHubel and Wiesal 1962 activated cells allows us to perceive the Pwhen the circle comes in the cells are deactivated and you dont know what the letter is Selfridgetheory based on piling up on featuresthe process by which we can get a machine letters and wordsfeatures are necessary templates dont workImage demons records feature feature demons detect features pass information to cognitive demons decision demon ultimately determines
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