Psychology 2134A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Flowchart, Inflection, Disestablishmentarianism

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The nature of language: what is language and how does it relate to other forms of communication? language is a human faculty that we take for granted. How does the mind/brain create language: evolutionary perspectives. How do children learn language: (why do we care anyway?) Understanding spoken words: majority of the spoken language that we hear around us is one long, continuous, changing sound. How the brain creates language: patients with brain damage, neuroimaging. The purpose of experimentation in psycholinguistics is to narrow down the range of hypotheses that could explain the phenomena of interest. Psycholinguistic theory is becoming so sophisticated that computer programs can be written which embody that theory: computer simulations exist which mimic even the earliest learning of babies and infants. Psycholinguistics is a science like any other it has empirical tools, its testable theories and its unsolved mysteries. Noam chomsky: what do we know when we know language?".