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Psychology 2135A/B
Natalie J.Allen

CHAPTER 7 Categorization Concept 5 Proposals for concepts Similarity Based The Classical View The Prototype View (Rosch) Family Resemblance Structure of Concepts Basic, Superordinate, Subordinate Level The Exemplar View The Schemata View Explanation Based (plus some parts of schemata) The Knowledge Based View Cognitive Economy Simultaneous Scanning Successive Scanning Conservative Focusing Implicit Concept Learning Using and Forming Scripts Psychological Essentialism Nominal, Natural, Artifact Concepts CHAPTER 8 Mnemonics Method of Loci Interacting Images Pegword Method The Dual Coding Hypothesis (Paivio) The Relational-Organizational Hypothesis (Bower) Symbolic Distance Effect (Moyer) Imaginal Scanning Principles of Visual Imagery (Finke) Implicit Encoding Perceptual Equivalence Spatial Equivalence Transformational Equivalence Structural Equivalence Critiques of Mental Imagery Research and Theory Tacit Knowledge and Demand Characteristics (Pylyshyn) Cognitively Penetrable Demand Characteristics Experimenter Expectancy Effects The Picture Metaphor Propositional Theory (Pylyshyn) Fusiform Face Area Parohippocampal Place Area Cognitive Maps CHAPTER 9 2 Characteristics of Natural Language Regular Productive Arbitrariness Discreteness The Structure of Language Phonemes Phonetics Phonology Morphology Morphemes Syntax Constituents Preposing Semantics Pragmatics Grammar Linguistic Competence Linguistic Performance Phoneme Restoration Effect Immediacy Assumption Phrase Structure Rules (Chomsky) Lexical Insertion Rule Transformational Rule Searle’s Speech Act Theory- Pragmatics Assertives Directives Commissives Expressives Declarations Lexical Decision Task Semantic Priming Effect 2 Possible Operations for Semantic Priming Fast-Acting Automatic Spread of Activation Slower Expectancy Driven Process Sentence Comprehension Garden Path Sentences Syntactically Ambiguous Lexical Ambiguity Eye Mind Hypothesis Propositional Complexity The Given-New Strategy The Antecedent Bridging Inferences Gricean Maxims of Conversation Maxim of Quantity Maxim of Q
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