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TimingTiming plays a role in many learning situations and there is good evidence that animals have some timing ability We have already encountered evidence of timing in our discussion of classical and instrumental learning In long delay learning the Cr initially appears near the beginning of the CS but with further training the CR moves further from the start of the CS and more toward when the UCS will occur The occurrence of the FI Scallop provides evidence that animals have some timing ability since there is an increase in responding as the interval times out Time as a stimulus is a critical feature in Sidman avoidance There is substantial research that has been devoted explicitly to determining the accuracy of animals timing ability and the mechanisms involved in timingDuration Estimation In the chapter on discrimination learning we talked about how animals distinguish between stimuli that vary in colur eg a red key as S and a green key as S sound eg a high pitched tone as S and a low pitched tone as S and a variety of other stimulus dimensions Researchers has asked whether animals can distinguish between stimuli that differ in terms of temporal duration Duration estimation or discrimination has been studied in the matchingtosample procedure In a matchingtosample procedure involving temporal stimuli the duration of a sample stimulus is used to determine which comparison stimulus is correct this would be a form of symbolic matching to sample In one study the sample stimuli were either a 2 sec light or a 10
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