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Western University
Psychology 2210A/B
Riley Hinson

Serial Pattern LearningAnimals must often respond in an ordered fashion in order to receive reinforcement One example of an ordered arrangement of responses is a chain of behaviour In the presence of the Red Light an S peck the key which results in a level being inserted in the bow the lever is both a secondary reinforce and an S now the animal must press the lever which results in a small gate opening allowing access to a ladder the gate opening and ladder are secondary reinforcers and Ss now the animal must climb the ladderIn order to perform successfully in a response chain the animal does not have to learn the serial order of stimuli and responses in most chains the occurrence of one response necessarily leads to the next stimulus it can just respind to whatever S is presented However research has shown that animals are capable of learning serial order if requiredThe most commonly used technique to investigate serial orderpattern learning in animals involves requiring the animal to respond to a set of stimuli in a particular order The task might involve having the animal respond to a particular order to 5 stimuli presented simultaneously to make the discussion easier we will call these stimuli Blue Green Orange Red Yellow and they must be responded to in that order During testing the 5 stimuli are presented in one of the 120 possible orders the stimuli might be presented in a horizontal arry a vertical array as a circle as a cross or whatever the point is that they must be pres
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