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Western University
Psychology 2320A/B
Jeff St.Pierre

Notes Psychological disordera pattern of behavioural cognitive or physical symptoms that includes 1Some degreee of distress in the subject2Behaviour that shows some degree of distress in the subject3Increasing risk of suffering death pain disability or an important loss of freedomAbnormal psychology seek to address1What is normal and abnormal behaviour for children of all ages sexes and backgrounds 2What causes and correlates to the abnormal behaviour3What will happen in the future4How can we treat itprevent itHistorical views and breakthroughsEarly abnormal behavior were considered to be an economic burdens Abnormal behavior were considered to be possession of devils thEarliest historical interest in abnormal child psych evolved by the end of 18 centuryEmergence of social conscience th17 centuryJohn lockeEnglish philosopher and physician who influenced the beginning of present day attitudes and practices of child birthbelieved in individual rights and children should be raised with thought and careth19 century Jean Marc Itard helped special children focused on the treatment and care of mentally defective children took care of Victor a boy who was raised in the wilddespite learned to identify things and other things but never became a normal child Leta Hollingworthmentally defective children were actually suffereing from emotional and behavioural problem imbecile is a person with mental retardationlunatics are people with psychiatric or mental disorder Benjamin rushpioneer in psychiatryargued that children were incapable of becoming adultlike insanity because the immaturity of their brain prevented Moral insanitya mean of accounting for nonintellectual forms of abnormal child behaviour
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