Psychology 2550A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Albert Bandura, Positive Psychology, Prefrontal Cortex

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Discrepancies may be experienced from one"s own vantage point or from that of significant others. Anorexic behavior is linked to actual/ought discrepancies; bulimic behavior to actual/ideal. Different emotions lead to different patterns of coping with the perceived self-discrepancies. Fear or feeling threatened: what the person is actually doing, feeling, perceiving rather than on what we (friends, researchers, therapists) expect in terms of our own constructs. Self-assessments/reports may be as valid as, and sometimes better predictors than, more sophisticated, complex and indirect tests. They may predict, for example, future adjustment for schizophrenic patients: success in the peace corps. To establish the utility of a person"s direct report about themselves, you must compare it with the predictions about them that can be made from other data sources. Sometimes individuals lack either the information or the motivation to foretell their own behavior, or are motivated to not reveal it even if they know it.

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