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Psychology 2720A/B Final: Chapter 9: Attraction and Theories of Love - Final Exam Review

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Psychology 2720A/B
Mike Morrison

CHAPTER 9: LIKING, LOVING AND CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS 1. Predictors of attraction  Mere-exposure effect = the more we are exposed to people the great likelihood that we will like them  Propinquity Effect = the people you interact with the most are the most likely to be your friends and lovers 2. What is the attitude-similarity effect? What is the repulsion hypothesis?  Attitude-similarity effect = we attracted to those who are similar in attitudes with us o Those who share the same beliefs, values, goals, etc.,  Birds with feathers flock together?  Repulsion hypothesis = we are attracted to those who share different attitudes than us o Those who hold different values, beliefs goals, etc.,  Opposites attract – less support for this notion 3. What does evolutionary theory say about which males and females will be found attractive?  Males = prefer females who are able to reproduce and carry on their genes o Age and appearance are indicators of good health and are preferred characteristics of females by males  Younger, attractive people are deemed to be better fits to reproduce  Females = prefer males who are able to provide for them because reproduction is time consuming; they prefer having one partner o Males who can provide protection for the female as she bears a child, and protection once the child comes  Dominant males are preferred as they are deemed more capable of collecting resources and are better able to pass on survival genes 4. What are the main adult attachment styles outlined in the textbook?  Secure = child grew up with trusting, loving parents and are able to explore o Trusts their partner when in a relationship  Baby reacts positively when mother returns to the room  Anxious/ ambivalent = child grew up with parents who showed inconsistency in their reciprocation of love/care o People are fearful of relationships as they don’t know if their partner will return their passion
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